Friday, June 20, 2008


The first day of summer, the first hot day of the year for us. We had not hit 90* before today. We sit at a perfect 89* and the kids are swimming in the pool in the backyard. I have had tons of kids here all day and it has been beautiful to watch them play and play in the backyard without a whisper of a whine of 'being cold'. I pulled out the fans, and finally put away the down comforters. Even the garden plants feel it. The kids keep picking half ripe strawberries (grrrr...), just because they are actually ripening this year! After this terribly long, cold, wet, winter.... summer is finally here.

Strange, I may even need to water this weekend. LOL!
And just to top off the hot day... for the last two days, this has been my life: *(warning, it is Eddie Murphy, in the 80's. Which means he uses lots of profanity)*


Frank said...

What a GORGEOUS shot! Can you tell me how you did that?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Honestly Frank. I did not do that. This is a picture off my computer. I have tried to take pictures of the sun, but most look like the one from the trip through the trees. That is the only real way I have gotten a good shot of the big beauty in the sky.

I can bet though, that it was a manual focus, on the clouds, with a highlight fliter. Not something I am equiped to do at home, but my brother, a professional, could probably pull it off.

Take care!



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