Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Chicken Salad

3 chicken breast
peanut oil
salt and pepper
mixed salad greens
snow peas
slivered almonds
Oriental Sesame dressing

Defrost chicken breasts and slice thin. Saute' in peanut oil and salt, and add pepper at the very end. While those are cooking, chop and wash greens and top peas. Drop peas into the saute pan right as the chicken is done and just lightly cook to add flavor (leave them crunchy).

Toss salad greens with the dressing and top with warm chicken and snow peas, then add slivered almonds on top. My husband likes this best served with a side of Jasmine rice, but he would eat Jasmine rice with anything. ;)

The greens and snow peas were fresh out of the garden. It was delicious.
This summer has been SO strange. Who would have thought I would still have peas come mid-July? Last year, the season was over in July. I was watching my beans get to be tall and beautiful at this time of year. This year, I am planting bush beans (and that only happened today) because I have no idea whether or not pole beans will really fruit by the time the frosts come again. It is such a strange year. Snow in April, frost in June. I didn't plant anything until May. So strange.


Quinn said...

If I liked chicken at all, that would look delicious.

Going Crunchy said...

That looks tasty! I hope it is not from the family chickens though. Shan

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