Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fresh Peas... the not so fast food.

I have gotten some grean peas from the farm these last two weeks. Last night I made a fresh pea soup with them. It was good! It needed something though, so I may try it again next week... it took a lot to shuck 3 lbs of peas, but with the girls help, it wasn't too bad.

Cyan said she really enjoyed it. Good thing too... because I am sure it is the first of many shuckings in our lifetime. I imagine I will be a little old lady, shucking peas on the front poarch, covered with grandchildren, while my daughter yells "No no!" and "Stop that!".

Cyan's baby. Domino still hates being held, but she really liked being walked. She was very happy running around, eating all the dandylions she could stomach.

Other Fun Summer Stuff...


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Anonymous said...

I finally made it back over to Blogspot and have been posting here again recently. I've flip flopped again and moved away from LJ land. This summer we've been putting up corn and green beans. The kids had their first real taste of shucking corn and snapping beans. Lots of it as I'm putting up for the winter.

Like you I'll be an old lady still sitting with my bowls of beans.


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