Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bento Sunday

May as well make up a flashy title since I got up an hour early for work on accident. lol... Who knows, it could be a trend?

Garden rotini with green peppers and summer squash from the farm, tons of fresh (meaning just picked) garlic (again, with the farm to thank), and tomatoes and basil from my own failing garden (that is another post, but the basil and tomatoes are doing well at least). Topped with chunks of provalone cheese that were put in a tad too soon and melted a little bit.

My first attempt at spring rolls is in the bottom of this container. They are ugly, and one is double wrapped because the wrapper broke on my first try (I think I let it soak too long), but they should be tasty with the Thai Ginger Peanut dipping sauce in the small plastic container in front.

1 comment

S said...

Yuh-Hum-Mee!!!! Bento boxes are just the best!

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