Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Having fun with my flowers and my camera

I don't plant flowers. They just happen to like planting themselves by me. I planted small sunflowers this year, but that was all, and I have calendulla (white (above) and yellow), sunflowers (big ones, red ones, tiny ones, yellow ones), dahlias, and one random poppy, that I think is SO cool and random that I didn't even try to take a 'good shot' of it... it is just randomly in my tomato bed. Which means you can't really get to it to get a 'good shot' anyway. So without further ado, my pictures of today's flowers:

Pink dahlia. I planted these years ago and they just come back again and again. Love that!

Red velvet sunflowers... these are STUNNING. I got one seedling when I was in another house 6 years ago from a friend. I planted it in the center of my garden, and for some reason, it has reseeded itself (even when we moved!) and came back over and over again.

These are the sunflowers I actually planted. Mini yellows. They are about 14inches tall and were in Cyan's Math in the Garden Box. They sure are cute though!

And random poppy! Isn't that beautiful? It is in the center of my crazy taking over the garden tomato and pumpkin bed. lol... seriously, I can't get close to it. I am wondering how I will get close enough to get my tomatoes out of that bed. It is like a tomato fortress. But what a neat surprise stuffed in the center. :)


Katie said...

I love your garden pictures, since I didn't do one this year, I am living vicariously through your lovely garden!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh Katie, my dear. Thank you for the sweet comment. My garden is a WRECK this year. It looks AWFUL! These are close ups. Notice, none are 'not' close ups. lol! The garden is happy, but it looks awful.

Email me when you get a chance. I would love to catch up. :)


Anonymous said...

*sigh* Very pretty. :)

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