Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Low Impact Woodland Life

Yes, this is a real house. I stumbled across this site from Patti's blog, and have just been enamored for the last 20 minutes. If only I had the guy to go with these types of project (and of course, still be my husband, which he wouldn't be if he was completely into stuff like this. lol!). I would be ALL for it. Buy a piece of land, live with candle light and a propane stove. I would be in heaven. Don, not so much.
Anyhow... for my last (and third) post of the day, I will give you my latest picture site obsession, complete with link.
Nighty night, blogland.


Anonymous said...

How cool is that! I've forwarded the link to Wm. He loves stuff like this. I do too.

The Survivorman on the Discovery channel bought a piece of land in Canada, made living arrangements, moved his family there and they are living completely off the grid. Planet Green had a documentary on the whole process. I wish I could remember his name, but it escapes me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I started a blog here too. You can find it here: if you want to see it. :)

S said...

WOW! Yeah I'm with you!! (and my techno hubby would so not be into it either..) This is so flipping adorable aside from the eco-concious part of it. It looks like a little gnome home! I love it! What a fab picture too with that sliver of moon hanging in the night sky!

Shiloah Baker said...

hahaha! My friend would totally get a kick out of that house! She is always finding new and bizarre living arrangements, but her hubby always nixes them.

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