Friday, August 22, 2008

Peaches & blueberries have taken over the world...

Well, that, and it's pizza Friday!

An experiment with my first calzone. It needed more cheese, but it was pretty.

And for dessert, peach-blueberry cobbler, made with some blueberries that I canned within a jar of peaches. I did just one jar this way, because I was experimenting. But I think I may do more this way next year. It made a great cobbler fill.

Cherries, Applesauce, and Peaches. This is less than 1/4 of the peaches, and the very first batch of applesauce, but I am proud none-the-less because the season is about half over now. The applesauce has too much head space, and so it colored kind of funny. But I can fix that with the next batch.

And with the very last of the peaches, I made peach butter. (to the left) It hasn't really set yet, but it is super tasty, and hopefully it turns to a nice jelly consistency as it cools completely. If not, it will be a great topping for ice cream.

This season has been really crazy. Literally everything has come in on top of one another. I hardly know which way is up. Funny things too, summer squash came in before carrots. Snow peas are still going strong, right along side green beans. Blueberries were late, and apples are early, making peaches (which are usually between) at the same time as well.

This crazy year has spurred me to ask for help, and wonderfully, I have gotten great response.

Yesterday was really wonderful. Don was so helpful! He blanched and pealed an entire box of peaches while I was out weed whacking and mowing the lawn. I honestly didn't even ask him to. I came back in and they were sliced and ready to be put in jars. My amazing man. Sometimes I think he is a caveman in clothes... but other times? I think he is the most amazing creature I could have wished to share this world with. Beautiful day.

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Anonymous said...

Your Calzone turned out very pretty! I made one this year for the first time too and it turned out very good. I should make more. I had forgotten about them! I cant wait to start canning next year! Your fruits look amazing. Good for you.

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