Monday, September 22, 2008

Apple... Tree

Sometimes we think that our actions really don't effect our children.

The wonderful breakfast I woke up to the other day.

Alex made me a triple decker PP&J, Cyan set me up with peaches, applesauce, and grapes. And Alex made me some spiced cider with the cider we made the day before.

It was all placed on a tray, set up with candles and a vase of flowers on a clean table. Logan had been fed, all I needed to do was eat. It was completely sweet.


Becka said...

Beautiful! Just really beautiful. Thank you for sharing that special moment.

Chell said...

Aww that is totally sweet!!!

Sarah said...

That is the sweetest thing!! A beautiful thing to wake up to.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It was COMPLETELY sweet. It is all part of Alex's training to be a great husband. I swear... if his wife gets pregnant, she will be the most pampered woman on the planet. He brought me hot tea every single morning when I was pg. Sometimes he would make everyone breakfast. He has the sweetest soul. I just wish I could get past the teen in him right now. Sigh... this too shall pass... and the glory of the beautiful sweet boy I raised shines through occasionally... like this day.

Love Val

Katie said...

You are very blessed! What a wonderful experience :)

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