Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Capturing my boys

I have been walking around with my camera as a shield between me and the world lately. I really do love the thing.

We are starting school tomorrow. I am feeling great about that. I have everything ready for the kids and they are even a bit excited about having some sort of schedule again. lol...

Things are going better here. Life is intense right now, but not overly so, and the few things that I have to deal with could be much much worse, so I am coping, and doing alright tonight. Thank you all for your thoughts.

Here is sweet baby Logan.

My feet while I was swinging.

My beautiful big boy.

and an intense capture.

I was taking pictures of Logan swinging on the big kid swing for the first time and right as he was at the very top of the arc (about 4 ft up)... he fell head first towards the gravel. My ninja husband came in an caught him like the super-hero that he is. For the next hour, I totally had visions of an ER room visit to scrape the gravel out of my baby's face running through my head...



Sarah said...

wow! Nice save from Papa and nice shot from mama! Logan is such a cute pie!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice in-the-moment photo and good save from dad! :)

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