Friday, September 26, 2008

Our most popular spot

This is the current most popular spot in the backyard. Braced on the fence, I think the animals feel very safe here, with the neighbor children on the other side of the fence, and my children a full garden bed away. The kids have been cutting off sunflower heads and putting them in the feeders. They have been a HUGE hit with the local critters. (Notice the little chickadee on top of the feeder... watching me.)

Squirrels and birds alike love this treat of fall.

Even two kinds of chickadees at one time will visit this feeder. I had a Nuthatch in the shot, but before I could focus, it flew away, not to return in that photo shoot.

It is pretty neat to watch the hustle and bustle that goes on back there. It happens to be just in front (and across the yard) from out sliding glass door... so when we see antics like the squirrel above upside down eating, we are able to get a good shot, right away.

This second it looks like the sunflower head needs to be replaced. The whole thing is pretty empty now.



S said...

wonderful! I love that squirrel doing a face plant into his dinner!

Chell said...

Love your acrobatic squirrel

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