Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bird Watching

The shear number of birds that hang out at our house right now is pretty amazing. I love having full feeders, and a nice big backyard. I can't wait to have more of both (yard and feeders), but for right now, I am pretty happy to have done what I can to what I have.

All day yesterday, the birds came. The variety list was pretty amazing.

First came the Junco's (above and #15) then came the Jays. First the Scrub Jay (below), then the Stellar Jay, who were in a battle for the fence bird feeder for a while. I never got a good clear shot of the Stellar Jay, so I am guessing that the Scrub Jay won the rights to the feeder. At least until the Junco's came back and chased him away. lol...

Then came my newest bird visitor. The House Finch (below left). Isn't he pretty? The female came as well, but I couldn't get a good capture... she was much to skittish and quick.

Then this morning it started all over again... first with the Robins. There was a family of four in my yard at daybreak today, eating worms that came up for air out of the damp ground.

Our window feeder. What a constant source of sweet bird buddies that brings us. I am so glad we built it.

Here is a Nut Hatch that came for breakfast (below).

Our sweet little chickadee friends are below. These ones are so tame at this point I have thought about trying to get them to eat from my hands.

Cyan was sitting on the porch with her bunny for these last couple pictures and she said I missed the 'really pretty one with the pink face and yellow wings'... not sure what that was. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was a House Finch again, and she just happened to see a Nut Hatch after that... but perhaps a new bird is in sight.

Dreaming of a Towhee...


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