Thursday, October 16, 2008

The day Murphy's Law took over

I have had one of those days where it feels like Murphy is in charge. Injuries, crying children that have to deal with things they have never dealt with before, on top of the daily things of living with an active (read: destructive) toddler… I feel for my children today… and my nerves are fried.

Cyan had her first ever filling done yesterday. She was numbed for the first time, and she bit her cheek so badly that her entire right side of her face is swollen and she can't eat. I tried to give her a Mortin (which is what the dentist recommended) and she threw up from having to swallow the whole pill. One pill. She has pretty much spent the whole day crying, when she wasn't trying to eat and then crying from that. Poor sweet kiddo... but wow. That can grate on your nerves like nobodies business.

Alex is all agro because he has that splint on his whole arm. Only until tomorrow afternoon, but he is about to loose it from not being able to do anything for the last 10 days. And then, the brand new snow globe I bought him yesterday (of a wizard that lights up and it sings what a wonderful world), Logan took a butter knife too and broke all to smithereens when we got home today.

Logan has already ruined a DVD today... and grabbed a candy bar from the check out line (he was in one of those car shopping carts where you can't see the child that you are pushing. Great idea there. NOT!) and had destroyed it before I even knew he had it.

Good thing I am going out tonight.
I bought the Dh Annie's Mac and Cheese so I don't have to cook for anyone. I may buy coffee... I may eat out. I may sit and stare at books for hours and hours on end.

I may not come home.

The nicest thing that I can say right now is "mommy is not available" when the children try to talk to me. Bad day.


Sarah said...

So sorry for the horrible day!! I can relate to Cyan...had a (3) fillings on Tuesday and I was worthless the rest of the day....esp since it was on the bottom where your whole face goes numb!

Hope you have fun out tonight and can relax, and that tomorrow is a better day

Anonymous said...

I can relate to days like this. Thats nice that you got to escape for awhile. :)

Flavia said...

hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

Just read this after commenting on Friday.

I hate these kinds of days. Thankfully they pass and we are rewarded with decent days.

Hopefully Murphy has moved out for the foreseeable future.

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