Friday, October 17, 2008

Some good, some bad...

...but a heck of a lot more normal. This afternoon.

Alex was upset when he found out that he has broken his arm so badly that he has to have an entire arm cast until after Thanksgiving. BUT, he got a glow in the dark cast, that I promptly put cool drawings all over with help from Cyan. Who is recovering, and the liquid meds seem to be more agreeable. No vomit since breakfast so far.

Logan got some much needed one on one time reading books with me while Alex went to the library with a friend and Cyan jumped on the trampoline with friends in the back yard. And everyone (including me) got a bath today. Clean hair, clean nails... I even cut both Alex's and Don's hair, and both look good.

I had three cups of tea, and made snacks for dinner. We ate lunch out. I got to fill out a survey about weather I liked the food and got my lunch for free.

We fixed Alex's cell phone.

We cleaned Cyan's whole room. No more glass in sight.

Tonight, I watched massive amounts of TV shows on DVD and had leftover snacks for 'dinner' that started after my children were in bed.

My husband got to work on time.

It's pay day. And CSA day.

I don't have to work this Sunday.

I start my new Yoga class on Monday.

Tomorrow's a school day... and I am prepared.

The cut on my foot is now band aid free and seems to be staying shut. My house is a wreck, but it looks loved and lived in... not broken.

My marriage is great.

My kids are great.

I even have hope that I will sleep well tonight as my children are both in less pain and trauma then they were yesterday.

Little things.

Normal things.

Not the best of days... but hell, it is good. And I will take it.

Oh, and I forgot. I spawn comedians:

My 12 year old's new famous quote: "When you can't use logic, use volume."

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day. :) It was nice to read about another family's day.

I hope the weekend goes well for you and yours.

Glow in the dark cast? Never heard of one before. How cool is that!

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