Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday... blissful Tuesday

Now that Monday is over, it is open to have a good day. Today is that day. I have decided.

Leaves outside are falling like snow. They are dropping so fast that the kids called me from the other room to tell me about it.

Then, of course, they went out to help the old oak along:

It is a day for warm coats, rainboots, and being outside. It isn't overly wet (which isn't something I have been able to say very often this year) and the kids are having a blast playing in the leaves. Even Logan brought me a baby doll stroller full of leaves and knocked on the slider to let me know that he had it. So cute.

I am making cocoa for my little outdoor champions right now... Today will be a good day.

Fall sure is beautiful.

BTW, Cyan's pumpkin pie from yesterday was completely wonderful. The cooking time was longer than the recipe showed. You really do have to wait for the center to set before you pull it out of the oven... but it was oh so very good.



Anonymous said...

The leaves here have changed on some trees and not on others. My Ash tree in the front yard dropped a quarter of its leaves before they had changed color. So my yard is adorned with green crunchy leaves! Crazy weather this year, for sure. Nice pictures of your area.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad today was a better day. I loved the Garfield picture from yesterday. I really could have used it on Monday as well.

Your fall pictures are gorgeous. The leaves are really falling here too. Our Maple is stunning in its Yellow/Golden fall beauty. In the picture of Wm I posted today you can see the leaves start to really collect on the ground.

I hope the rest of the week goes well for you and yours.

Beverly said...

What a lovely blog you have here...I just love the recipes you post! It’s always neat to watch a mother who enjoys being a mother. Its hard work, but you seem to be the type who really teaches her kids. Julie is that kind of mom, too. You’d like her blog…

I like your style...have fun looking at and learning about the birds you find; counting for the fun of it.

Quinn said...

Gorgeous fall photos

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