Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taming bunnies and tomato sauce

We had a summer, in that it got warmer, things grew, and we had a harvest season. But in the fact that it only got over 90*, like twice... it was the coldest summer we had yet, and I am suspecting, regretfully, that it will not return to 'normal'.

This is Cyan and her rabbit, Domino. We thought, up until this week, that we would have to get rid of her, because she had a horrible habit of peeing on us when we would pick her up. I am not sure what the change is, but she has really calmed down over the last three months. Cyan holds her every day right now, and Domino seems to be getting used to it. She LOVES when the kids let her go in the garden to snack on all the yummy things she can reach out there, and we will bring her nasturtium flowers, rhubarb stalks, and occasionally fresh beets and beet greens while we are digging some for our dinner. Hopefully, she can stay a sweet member of our family for a while longer now.

Today I finished off a huge batch of roasted tomato sauce. It is showing me that I am on the mend. I think this will make a couple more quarts to put into the freezer for winter when you need those fresh tomatoes and fresh garlic the most. I have been thinking that it would make a really amazing soup mixed with heavy cream and perhaps a bit of sugar. I may be experimenting with that in the next few days. Couldn't you just see it? Crusty bread dipped in fresh roasted garden tomato soup?

My mouth waters just thinking about it.



Anonymous said...

I just might have to borrow your recipe for that soup!! :)

Chell said...

The soup sounds yummy... What a cute bunny!!

S said...

yum!! I'm trying my hand at canning today. I've never done it before, but I have TONS of green tomatoes that refuse to ripen. I picked them today and got a recipie for Green Salsa. I'm got my great grandmothers canning pot from the attic of my grandmom's house! I'm assuming you can too? I'm worried I'm going to do it wrong and poison everyone!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Do you have the blue ball book? You can get it from the library if not and it will tell you what you need to do. :) Other than that, my canning is touch and go. Most of the time, I dont' think it is worth it. But for a few things, like peaches, applesauce, and a few things of jam, I can. For most things though, like this sauce. I freeze it. ;) It is much easier.


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