Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back Online

We got internet today. *glee*

There have been tons of posts going through my head lately... esp when I am talking to my friends about the seasons of our lives and how many changes we are all making right now... but honestly, today, I am getting ready to host Thanksgiving, trying to help my best friend, who's dd is in the hospital (even if that just means keeping everyone up to date with what is going on and worrying and praying), and get unpacked.

My brain is full.

Too full to form a good post at this moment.

BUT, I am happy to be back online, and the house is working out GREAT! The move went way better than expected and we are to the point we have two more or so hours of work to do at the other house and we can be done with this move and start settling in. So, I am full to the brim with stuff to do... but feeling great about the move, and the beautiful cold sunny day we are having today.


Sarah said...

Glad the move went well!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Im glad it went good for you guys and the transition has been smooth so far. Happy Thanksgiving!

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