Friday, November 21, 2008

Broken computer!

One of the many glitches to moving is of course, that the rest of life continues around you. lol...

Computers break a bit, kids get colds a bit, siblings fight a bit and people ask that you host Thanksgiving dinner. Life continues and in that you have to fit the packing and panicking of moving.

The move is going well so far. We got the keys. We realised that there are way more things to fix/clean in the house than we thought at first (we saw it with no power, so therefore, no lights), and that was pretty frustrating, but for the most part, everything is going smoothly and we will be moved in on Sunday.

Wish us luck!

1 comment

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats awesome that you guys are getting into the new place already! I look forward to seeing pictures soon of the house and yard and how you've decorated it!

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