Friday, November 28, 2008

Cyan and me on Thanksgiving

Not the best pic, but I thought it was cute. And it was yesterday. I can't remember the last time I had an updated pic of myself up here. :) Notice the boxes behind me. Still very much unpacking. Tomorrow starts a long weekend in which we will officially be out of the other house and can start settling down here. *glee* I am planning to build shelves, pick where pictures are going to hang, moving rooms around to their best advantage, and trying to make it look like we are home.

It is a good change already. Even in all of the craziness, I am happy to be here.

I mentioned craziness in another post too... and I will try to be short, but elaborate some. Our move was great. It really was. Only a few short things went wrong. We had no access to our bank account, we had the wrong sized U-haul (someone had drilled a hole in the gas tank of the one we reserved, so we had to get one half the size), and up until the day of the move, this house had a broken furnace. Yes... all bad things. But livable.

The day after the move however, my best friends daughter started to get really really sick. Her appendix ruptured. Since then she has been through surgery, tubes put everywhere you don't want tubes (including a catheter and a tube in her heart for direct med application). She is MUCH better today, and it has lightened my heart a lot to see her starting to express desires, be able to taste food (she was 'nothing by mouth' for a full week), etc. The fact that she is on the mend is seriously making me sleep better. Poor sweet thing. (Cyan and she are the same age)

Then, our neighbors. The one to the right is great. Nice guy, takes impeccable care of his lawn and laughed when I gave him my greeting cookies and introduced myself. It seems like we will get along great and that is good, because I can see right over his fence (it is 5ft) into his yard (he is shorter, so I doubt he can see into my yard, but whatever... we share a fence and I have kids. The fact that he is nice is a good thing.) The neighbor on the left was not so nice. In fact, he was down right rude and mean when I went to greet him. Baring cookies. Who can be mean to a woman baring cookies?? Oh well.

The guy next to him side swiped and smashed in our car backing out two days ago. Still haven't even met him face to face. I am feeling a bit strange about it. He hit our car, left a note, and left. Our car was left un-drivable, and he has no insurance. All that means is that we have a deductible to pay and our Ins will try to get it back from him, but still... he hit our car... and left.

Strange introduction to the neighborhood.

There is a good side though. There are kids. At first, we were really afraid that there were no kids. But there are. They come over every day now. lol... Alex and Cyan both have friends in the new neighborhood already. And they are really happy about that as that was their biggest low on the thought of moving.

It will all iron out right? All the kinks and the stress etc?

I am going to decide that it will... Yes, I am sure it will.

And now I am going to go make myself some tea.

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