Saturday, November 22, 2008

So, there is the rest of your life...

And then there is annoying unexplained banking problems. Grrrrrrrr... Yesterday, we were told that someone was stealing our mail and had taken the debit cards that we should have gotten weeks ago. So of course, we instantly think 'we need to cancel those' and head down to the nearest branch of our bank. And the sweet girl that helped us... canceled ALL our debit cards. Even the ones in our wallets. She must have... because we can not access our money... at all. For the entire weekend. They don't even work in ATM's.

Now, if they were in the hands of the jerks that took our new cards out of our mailbox, then I would say "YAY!" but considering we have things we need to buy, including amazing amounts of pizza for the near 15 people coming to help us tomorrow... well that's just annoying.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Were you able to go into the bank today to access your money? Our bank is open for a few hours on Saturday, thats why I ask. I would be pretty upset if they had done that. OMG.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Nope... it is a credit union. Closed all weekend. It wasn't a big deal until yesterday. LOL!

We will just have to use credit for everything and then pay it back on mon or tues when we get to go to the bank. It sucks though... but I figure, if that is the biggest thing to go wrong, we are doing great!


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