Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thinking Christmas

I had to take a break from packing today. Cyan has a stomach bug all day and Logan has something similar although he is just being out of sorts and his belly is acting up. So today, I took the day off from packing. The only thing I really did was pack up the loose pictures and storage pictures this morning and then take another van load to donation. (That's all. lol...)

I have been thinking about Christmas lately. I feel that stepping out of the "buy buy buy" this season as much as possible will serve us all well. Esp considering that Christmas is a time of hope, and this season will be the tightest many have seen since the Great Depression. So I feel that in this time of economic crisis, it is best to just step out and do our best to concentrate on what is really important. Each other.

The kids and I will be making cookies for our neighbors down here as well as our new ones. We will be having friends over for movies and popcorn, and we will be having a gingerbread house making party. Each of these things fill a void in the disconnection with other human beings in this dark, wet, cold season. Sometimes though, I still get the 'buy it bug' and want my children to have that crazy, paper ripping, Christmas morning. So I have been trying to think of handmade gifts for my kids for Chirstmas this year. I have a couple used things that I have picked up through out the last few trips to Goodwill.... a Light Bright (which was in GREAT shape!) and some American Girl Doll books for Cyan, a couple of tiny posable drawing models for both the big kids, a wooden school bus pull toy for Logan, and a white owl ornament for Alex to stick in his stocking. Each child is getting one new big gift. Alex is getting a set of night vision goggles, and Cyan was getting her doll (we will have to rethink that ) and now is probably going to get outfits for the doll she just bought on her own. I am trying to keep the rest of their stuff either consumable, handmade, or used as much as possible.

Here are a few of the ideas I have found that I may be up to making before Christmas... or I may buy when we get the chance:

For Alex:

For Cyan:

Gifts for other people I have found that I could make/buy from someone else who made it:

for my brother (although, it won't be thrifty becuase I would have to buy everything on the supplies list, including Zip Ties... lol!)

I have thought about lots of handmade gifts before.... and of course, there is always my papercrafting.... but I kind of feel like I am running out of ideas... or at least out of steam. Any ideas from my talented friends here?


Jenny said...

Hi Val! Last year I made a pencil roll & crayon roll for my kids. I included some artist sketch pads and they use them all the time.
The pencile roll:
the crayon roll:

And don't forget to check out:
for TONS of ideas!

Good luck with the packing. We moved almost 2 years ago & I remember it well...

Anonymous said...

Yea this year im going low tech economical and green. I will be growing TickleMe Plant with my kids.
They were so excited after seeing the video of the plant that moves when tickled. I mean who knew a real plant could move when Tickled!
I found it on line at

Krista said...

I sometimes want the big paper ripping, over the top Christmas that you see on TV for my kids. I don't know if you ever get over that want, you know?

I think the bike lunch bag id adorable!

I can get zip ties at the dollar store, but I'll bet someone you know has some kicking around the garage and would love to trade them for some fresh baked bread or other goodies. :o)

Sarah said...

I have been thinking Christmas too. I want the big present opening on Christmas morning too. I love the excitement of it all, them waking up to the mound of gifts that were not previously there. But is VERY tight, I want them to understand the thought behind the gifts and not be materialistic. I am thinking of making the crayon/pencil rolls for them too. Stocking might be filled with baked goods and fruit instead of toys. I am thinking of going and getting a few of those wooden trays our hobby lobby has for under $2 and letting the kids decopage fall leaves on them to give as gifts- if I can get it before our color is gone. Maybe make small scrapbooks for the granparents- I made big ones for them years ago- and announced Cohen's impending arrival at the end of them and they loved them. But I could do it again on a smaller scale. I need to think on what I can make for the boys though...good luck with the packing and hope the kids feel better

Katie said...

Great ideas, Val! We are keeping it really simple over here as well!

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