Sunday, December 21, 2008

All is well this morning....

For us at least. Here is a video of two buses in our area overhanging the freeway... which of course was closed until it was cleared up. No one was hurt... but man. It is crazy dangerous all over out there on the roads. The bus video was two days ago... not even due to the storm last night. It is really really nuts. Here is another video of last night.

We ended up getting about 5 inches of snow with a nice thick ice crust over the top of it. Driving is horrible and even the cops are having trouble driving with their chains and gear on.

No, I am not going anywhere.

The winds were nothing really. Not even as bad as the wind storm two weeks ago that was making growling noises in our eaves. I am worried about South of us though. They were supposed to get 3 ft of snow. I haven't checked up on anyone down there yet.

The worst part about all of this is that we are not prepared. Any of us. Personally we don't have things like slippers, an extra propane tank, a load of wood for the fire place, or wool blankets (downsizing is only a pain when things go wrong. lol!).

As a community we don't have things like snow plows, or deicers, or gravel trucks. Why should we? This is Western WA... we get snow three days a year. And it is gone with in two days. School is canceled when there is an inch or more on the ground... some times when there is just ice.

For the last four years our weather has been getting colder. The summers are short and never hot... the winters are ice and snow, storm warnings and storms. It is more like we live on the other side of the mountains (Eastern WA is more like Idaho or Montana weather wise) except we STILL get all the rain.

I think it is time to get prepared.

As I said, the main danger with this area getting this type of weather is not the actual snow. It is the fact that soon after it snows, it warms up, and there is a crust of ice over everything because it teeters between freezing and not freezing. And of course there is always the lack of preparedness (is that a word?) for the whole area to be able to deal with things like this. Now we have had three storms on top of each other. There are INCHES of ice under the newest snow drifts that of course, have ice on top of them. It is a cold hell out there today.

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