Friday, December 26, 2008

I stand corrected

So I was looking through my archives to find the type of pretzels I used for the chocolate dipped sticks last year and found this:

Apparently, last year we got a good dusting on Christmas day. But again, I said that it was the first white Christmas I remember. lol... so I may have been wrong then too. So I felt the need to look it up. We are closest to Olympia and it says that Olympia has a 3% chance of ever having a white Christmas. Seattle (which is just slightly farther away than Oly) has NO chance of ever having a white Christmas.

But we have had two... in a row. In fact, right now we STILL have a very heavy crust of snow on the ground.

And at this second... a big fat opossum eating a bagel in our snow covered backyard.


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