Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simple things... and giving up coffee

Here is the wonderful Dove that has been spending his days in our oak tree above our picture windows. Isn't he beautiful? And he is also pretty unrelated to my main topic today.

One week ago today, I gave up coffee. I know it is for the best. Mostly for my pocketbook more than anything... I have expensive taste in coffee. Starbuck's Cinnamon Dolche Latte being my nearly daily drink for the last three months. (That is $3.41 a day if I brought my own cup... which I usually did.) Well for me, coffee was mostly another warm drink during the colder days of the year. It wasn't a terrible addiction as it is for some folks. It was a luxury that I thoroughly enjoyed, but didn't need. So when they were closed and we couldn't get to them during the snow storms of the last weeks, I decided to try my hand at getting over my daily dose of coffee.

That does mean, however, that I needed to fill that space with another warm drink... I get too cold without... so tea it was. I bought a few different varieties and started making pots of tea as part of my morning ritual. I always liked tea and drink it quite a bit, so I have had to get creative to fill that one cup of something hot with teas that are new and different so it didn't feel like I was drinking enough tea to float away on.

It was all made new and fun by my latest Goodwill score.

This tea pot was $2.99 at my local Goodwill and I LOVE it! This picture above is it with my two favorite mugs. Don't they mismatch perfectly? It is also very large... holds nearly 64 oz of steaming hot liquid... which is wonderful. The last two days it has been in near constant use. I am very excited to add it to my eclectic kitchen. It may inspire lots of fun changes in decor soon...

Simple pleasures are the best.


Chell said...

What great finds at good will.

Shauna said...

Ahhhh the Starbucks coffee!! I love their Cinnamon Dolce's too.... although today I had a Pumpkin Spice latte- but I digress!

If you have never tried Chai tea- you should. That might be a nice alternative to the expensive coffee- yet still give you a creamy warm yummy drink experience without the driving and expense. There are tons of varieties (both liquid and tea bag forms). My fave is Oregon Chai by the box- mix equal parts concentrate with milk and enjoy hot or iced. Delish!


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Shauna, I LOVE chai... I have had to give up both for now, but I will be buying the Oregon Chai from Costco in bulk before the winter is over. ;)


Chasey said...

I stopped drinking coffee just before I became pregnant with my second daughter,December 2004.I only drink tea,can't handle even a sip of coffee now,(hurts my tummy).
I am a "red rose" girl,w/organic cane sugar and homemade nut or seed milk,(switched from cow's milk this past spring).When I want a taste of "chai",I just add a pinch of ground cinnamon,cloves and cardamon.I don't understand how so many people can pay up to $5 for coffee/tea drink at various coffee establishments.Overpriced,not to mention un-healthy ingredients added to the mix.Kudo's to you for breaking away from the insanity of the overpriced beverages!I also scored a beautiful tea pot along with many lovely tea cups throughout the years,from garage sales.(I'm right there with you as a "thrifty" Mom ;-)
Just found your blog yesterday,thank you for sharing your craft/thrifting ideas.Can't wait to try many of them!

~Life Learning Mom of two beautiful daughter's in Okotoks,Alberta,Canada!

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