Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not quite working as expected... but working.

You know, how most people say that a budget is a general idea of what you should be doing and if you are right on then 'great'! But don't expect to be right on all the time. Be close... and then be happy.

Yeah... a household notebook is the same. It is true, we have done much better at keeping on task, getting things done, and everyone pitching in without the threat of death since we started the notebook. Because we have the notebook. But in all honesty, there is rarely a day that goes just as written in the notebook.

Take Don's chore calendar for example. We were out all day yesterday, he had court Tuesday morning (which ended up getting canceled, but still throws a wrench in) so nothing on his few weekend chores got done. NOTHING. Which was annoying. Until I realised that there were completely logical reasons why he wasn't getting things done and beatings were not necessary. I asked him, (without a whole lot of piss and vinegar, thank you very much) if he had seen the things I put down for him to do this weekend and he said that he hadn't... but he would go look. Yeah. I went to work out and 4 hours later 75% of them are done. Considering there are not many husbands that will deal with a weekly 'honey-do list', I consider that great! Go Don! lol...

So far, I consider this to be a success.


Anonymous said...

Thats good that he went to it when you brought it up and finished a few things on it.

Joe is getting so much better with "honey do" lists too. Now, everday, he asks me "Is there anything that needs to be done?" or something along those lines and if there are, I tell him what they are and he does them (or starts on them). Its much better than nagging!!

Anonymous said...

way to go - piss and vinegar only sours the day... i really like the idea of a notebook... i never thought of that, but think it would be just what i should try - thank you for sharing your notebook and for showing what real commuication in a marriage looks like... grateful for your blog today, as always...

Val in the Rose Garden said...

yes! No nagging... it always just ruins everything and they act like teenagers and take the "I don't have to do anything you say" stance... which always works out great for friendly weekends right? Not so much. ;) Everything didn't get done, but it was much better then it would have been without the notebook. It has been great so far.


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