Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some cuteness for a terrible day

So last night, after I got done battling to the death with the toilet, I took the kids out for ice cream. It was great. Cyan had just gotten her 20 books read. Super simple books, but I am oh so proud of her! 20 books since Oct 19th. We had a chart she filled out and every time she read a book we put a sticker on the chart. And I told her that when she got to the end of the chart, she could get a library card and a banana split... and what better way to get over a terrible day than celebrate with a 7 year old. She was bouncing around the library, making no noise, just positively vibrating with excitement. It was adorable.

"Oh honey, your eyes are so pretty" says the librarian as she is filling out paperwork.

"Thank you." says Cyan, "I've had them since I was a baby."


Chell said...

Kids say the cutest things..

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Cute!!!

Jenny said...

Oh my! That is too cute!

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