Saturday, January 31, 2009

A weekend with brilliant children

This weekend was not super easy. But looking back it may be one we remember for a long time. The day of the chocolate chip pancakes was a big one for me. Alex taking on a job like that and actually doing it start to finish felt like a small triumph for me and my education process. It feels like he is starting to learn how to be a self motivator, or at the very least, learning to respect himself again.

Don't get me wrong... I don't think that it is all fixed and perfect just like that... just this afternoon it took him 4 hours to finish two sheets and read one book. BUT... things are going in the right direction. And quickly, with momentum. That feels really good.

Speaking of the pancake incident... he finally made them. With eggs. lol! But he made them all by himself and yesterday morning we woke up to this:

And this:

I have myself a regular little food artist here. :) He was SO crazy proud of himself! Mine wasn't quite done, but Don's was perfect so we finished it together and discreetly disposed of the other.

Soon after we had our wonderful breakfast in bed served to us by the most loving of hands (complete with drinks and bill stating that for this service we should give him an hour of free video game time... good luck with that one buddy.) Cyan noticed a 'new bird' in our backyard. I consider myself rather knowledgeable now, since I have the Audubon Society in my backyard and all, but on this one I am stumped. Anyone else know what this beautiful little thing is?

Today started off with Cyan's dance class. She enjoys it so much! They are rehearsing for her first recital in May and she has never been so happy! She says she is a little nervous about wearing flippers on stage (and I have no idea what that is about, so I just sympathize) but that more than anything she wants me and her friends to be there to watch her dance.

It makes me very happy that I can so easily fill one of her dreams.

This afternoon Cyan's little friend Autumn had a birthday party. So Cyan and I put our heads together and made this:

It goes with this book:

Fairy Houses Everywhere

I hope it goes over well with the birthday girl. I know that Cyan and I had a BLAST making it and will be making more soon for our own yard for the fairies to dance and play in.

And last but not least, I got home from dropping Cyan's things off so she could spend the night with the rest of the party girls and this is what I found on my couch. I have to admit it is just about the sweetest picture I have ever taken.

And Logan is drooling. ;)



Brie said...

Cyan is such a beauty:)

The last picture is absolutely precious!!!

For the bird(and I know nothing about birds so I am always in awe when you can name one) I had to go looking because I'd never seen anything like it...maybe a Townsends Warbler?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Brie! You are amazing!

That is exactly what it is. :D


S said...

so much goodness in this post! First off your kids are just GORGEOUS!!! That last picture is precious and Cyan in her dancing pictures!!! Too cute! The pancakes look fantastic! My jaw is dropping over that fairy house. I had to call the kids in to look and now they want to make some too!

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