Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Days and Hoop Scars

Alex and Cyan decided to make me treats for my birthday. Alex made baking soda free chocolate chip cookies (I really don't like the taste of homemade cookies due to baking soda) and Cyan made me cookies dipped in chocolate, with fun stuff on top.

Alex made these small cookies, and then one really big one (which was cooked PERFECTLY, unlike my attempts to do the same for him a couple years ago) and put candles in it (because I don't like cake, ain't I a pain?) and everyone sang happy birthday to me (even Logan).

It was such a sweet gift.

See the fun stuff that Cyan added to my birthday cookies? I could only eat half of one before I had to stop. lol... that is a SWEET birthday gift.

And in other news: I think I got the hang of hooping! I did it for about 2 hours yesterday and OMG is it FUN! I realised that to really get yourself going you need music like Fat Boy Slim, or Black Eyed Peas. Something bumpin'. I don't have cool little videos to show yet, but I am getting a few tricks and learning. It has been great so far... except for the bruises. They look awful! (much worse than in the picture IRL) Both my hips are littered with purple and red bruises and my entire waist has red marks all the way around it and is slightly swollen. Yikes!! I got my kids a hoop the same time I got mine and Cyan is sporting the same 'training marks'. Poor baby. Neither of us are wearing tight pants today. I have to ask my hooping friend if this is normal. But I am guessing that my body will get used to it just like any other training and I will be sporting tank tops while hooping before summer. :D


Anonymous said...

So what do you do? Just stand there and hula hoop? For how long at a time?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

LOL! Let me send you some links on your blog beth. You'll see... it's super fun. :)


Dina said...

oh my goodness, I can't believe you and Cyan have bruises from it! well, glad you are getting the hang of it!!

Brie said...

How sweet of them:)))))

Did you have to buy special heavy hoops? The ones at regular stores don't work the way the ones did as a kid for sure.

S said...

Sorry you are getting so banged up but I'm glad you are enjoying it. I can always make you another larger one in a lighter tubing. (at a discount of course!) You'll find having a variety of hoops is fun to experiment with, and those bruises will disappear soon.

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