Sunday, February 22, 2009

February conundrum 6/52

This morning when I woke, the robins were outside my front door screaming at each other in their tell tale marry voices and these little beauties were popping up in my yard, poking through the bed of leaves I left there to keep them warm through the winter.

February comes with stir craziness and aching for the start of spring. It is when my cat Julian would always bounce off walls, attack feet from under beds, and thoroughly drive everyone in the house nuts! Even as he got up into the 'very old' years for a cat, each Feb he would rush you when you walked through the door or jump on your pillow first thing in the morning to attack your sleeping eyelids as the twitched with the last of your dreams. These cat attacks marked spring as clearly as the crocus and the daffodil greens did. And most of the time (when we were not in recovery due to his antics) we all felt a distinct sympathy and a bit of the same urges. Stir crazy. Ready to move. Ready to get out of the house... but hesitant because we might jump the gun and end up taking a walk in freezing rain.

This year I have been the one with spring fever. It has come along with a bit of frustration because I know that spring won't hold everything that it usually does for me. No garden. No tilling soil and building new beds. A huge part of my life will be missing for this season. But spring does hold a whole lot of possibility for us this year... and although I am frustrated...I think I might break out and catch a few ankles by surprise myself. ;)


S said...

I hear you! I can't wait for spring and outside hooping! No more knocking stuff over in the living room!

I tagged you on my blog! Go take a peek and play along!

Katie said...

I can relate...since we are moving, there will be no garden...I have total spring fever...but the snow and cold keeps us inside most of the time.

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