Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hanging on... update

We are doing ok. All of us, except for Logan, have some serious symptoms hanging on. Sinus headaches for Cyan and I, Don's fever finally broke this morning and I was able to get him to the chiropractor to get an adjustment for his fall and hitting his head, and Alex stomach still feels like crap... but we are all recovering... slowly, but surely. Thanks so much for all the well wishes.

I pulled myself out of bed and checked my email this morning and my brother had sent me this:

Designer babies... yikes! All kinds of Gattaca craziness.


Dina said...

holy cow - I love that you referenced Gattica! I loved that movie!! LOL

Chell said...

I have to say that really bugs me. Sure if you carry a genetic disorder that can only be passed to one sex and not the other and you do it for that kind of a reason it is one things but choosing just to chose seems wrong to me.

S said...

yikes! Creepy! and I LOVED Gattaca too, wow this is right out of that isn't it??

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