Thursday, February 5, 2009

Roasted Tomato and Garlic sauce

Remember when I first made this with the tomatoes from my garden? I used the garlic from the farm, the tomatoes from my garden, and then roasted them together with olive oil, a drizzle of balsalmic, and a bit of salt and blended them. That was it. I put it in bags and dropped it in the freezer hoping it would freeze well, not even measuring becuase I wasn't so sure about it.

Well I just have to revisit that amazing little blip from August.

We have used it for everything. I added fresh tomatoes to it to make a roasted tomato soup, I have used it as pizza sauce, used it as sauce in lazagna, used it on pasta with veggies, put hamburger in it for a more traditional spaghetti sauce. Every single time it has been incredible! Last night was the pizza night and I added some basil, tomatoes, and olives and everyone ate it. Including my two Mr Pickies, Don and Logan.

See when I posted that recipe, I was willing to buy all of my tomato sauce through out the year. I know that sounds crazy coming from me... but I was. I HATE the smell of boiling tomatoes. Can't stand it... makes me ill. When my mom would make spaghetti sauce each fall I would gag every time I walked into the house and hide in my room. It was terrible. That acid smell, running through the house... I really didn't like it. So as I grew up that was one of the things that I just decided I would buy. I would buy it and save myself the trouble of worrying about canning tomato sauce.

This has saved me from that fate. A bit dramatic I know, but I have used it in SO many applications and it has passed with everyone in the family each and every time. I have 6 more bags of it in the freezer. And a bit more experimentation to do with it before I am done. But I see this as up there next to my strawberry applesauce and peaches. I am thinking 25 quarts. ;)


Katie said...

I am so bummed that it isn't tomato season here....I want to make some now!!!
I am even having a West Coast friend send me the 21 Season Salute from Trader Joe's so I can make it once tomatoes are here :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh you will LOVE it! It is so wonderful... I can't wait to can this year. :) I wish I could send you a bag so you could taste it.

Good to see you Katie. :)


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