Saturday, February 14, 2009

Traces of Silver ~ 3/52

These silver lines of motherhood are so dear to me. Even more because I am lucky to only have these from my three beautiful babes... but honestly I would feel that something was missing if I had no stretch marks. I feel that along with their unappealing emotional tendencies, they bring a reaction when I see them that is a mixture of pride and a feeling of accomplishment.

I have house 5 babies in my body. Two were not meant to be... but the three that are here are stunning, beautiful, and healthy babes. Even the idea of selection has come across my mind. Like my body knew who would make it, and who wouldn't. It makes you wonder... and wonder in awe.


Katie said...

I think the silver lines of motherhood are beautiful!

Chasey said...

My deepest sympathies for the loss of your babies.My first daughter's twin sister was stillborn in my
31st wk of pg,(surviving daughter is 9yrs now).I then had three early miscarriages thereafter.I had to take prometrium for my last pg and had a second daughter (now 4yrs).I have been reading your blog for a few days now.Other than finding all of your ideas for crafts/thrifting so informative,I felt there was something MORE that was pulling me towards it.As soon as I read about your losses just now,I knew it was because of that.We are joined by grief,but as well,by GRATITUDE.For the beautiful,precious children,we have in our lives.

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