Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Monday

Nothing too special this week. Once again I am making pumpkin muffins... except I have ran out of the organic canned pumpkin I came across at my local discount store for 4/$1... so I have to get some more... at full price. Sigh. But I love those little baked goodies, yes I do. I also added my new found WW rolls to the menu, although I may try this one that Sadie sent me. It looks amazing!

I also have added baked potatoes to our menu. I have been trying to give up my microwave. So far the only real difference is that I go through more sauce pans. And only having one, that sucks. I wash it about three times a day. But baked potatoes were a microwave staple (9 minutes makes a good potato as opposed to an hour in the oven). Quite honestly, I have made two sets of baked potatoes and one set of yams in the oven, and they are WAY better that way. So one more reason to check off the 'keep the microwave' list.

Anyhow... Happy Menu Monday!


Katie said...

Nice menu! I have been making the muffins too, I must have gotten the recipe from you...I am sad to see I am no longer on your blogroll :(
Have a good week....
Any sewing going on in your neck of the woods???

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Nope, nothin'. I have been doing some papercraft and a bit of hand sewing. But nothing on my machine. I want to get back to it... but I am enjoying the break too.

Love Val

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