Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Felt Craft

The mama over at One Inch World came to my attention with One Pretty Thing with her felted ravioli (One Pretty Thing is still crazy easy to get lost on FYI. If you are a known craft addict, beware!). A little friend had a 4th birthday party today, and for his gift, I made him felted farfalle with a mini colander and a wood/felt sandwich. Here is the easy-as-pie tutorial. (BTW, whoever came up with that phrase was crazy. Pie isn't easy. Pie crust is a pain the butt!)

Isn't it just the cutest? I have to admit to being very proud of the gift with the weeks that we have had. :) It felt great to be able to finish something like this and put it all together for someone. It has been a while since I was away from housing stuff for more than an hour. I promised myself the next two days off... and today actually felt like a normal breath of fresh air.



Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

How cute!! I did the felt ravioli thing with Emily around Valentine's Day, and they were so simple to make. She really enjoyed playing with them too.

Sarah said...

I love all this felt food I see....we have too many indoor animals to have anything like that...it just collects hair. Really cute pasta though!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

aw, very cute! we LoVe handmade gifts and always get excited when the birthday boy/girl opens whatever homemade treasure we have brought to the celebration :)


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