Monday, April 20, 2009

House hunting gone wild

We have gone through two tanks of gas, 15 ready made ice cream cones, and about 500 miles in the last week house hunting. We will pick a house that we like the look of off our listings the Realtor has sent us, put it in google maps, and drive to it... usually with all the kids in tow. So far, we have one bid on a house (which is a short sale so there is not really any hope of getting the house, but it was too good not to try) and have looked inside 6. We have driven around and looked in the neighborhoods of close to 50.

The kids are loving it. The first time we went to houses that were in Puyallup... which is about 20 miles from here and then farther out in county. So we stopped and got them ice cream because they were starting to melt down, and it has become kind of a tradition. I haven't gotten them full sized cones since that first day though. I discovered the joy of the snack sized ice cream cones from Drumstick. At one point I had qualms about buying a Nestle product, but if those ever were about to stop me from buying something, it isn't when we have four more houses to see and are 30 minutes from home with 3 bored to death kids in my van (and an even bigger conviction against fast food).

Since then though, I have found some ways to make our own, and we may be doing this in the near future:

Doesn't that look like crazy amounts of fun??? You can order them off

As for the houses... we have seen some CRAZY stuff... one had a moat. Seriously, a triangle space of water that was at least 10 ft deep that had no seeable purpose or reason behind it attached to their house between the house and the back yard. Maybe they kept fish large enough for eating? Maybe they were just nuts... but whatever it was, it was a toddler death trap, so we veto'd that house really quick. Another (the one we put a bid on, actually) was so messed up I was shocked walking through. It was a BEAUTIFUL house... beautiful... nice garden space, decent yard size, amazing area... totally the type of house we would buy but usually fell outside of our price range. When we went in there, we found out why it was in our price range now. They had left stuff in the house, the house was filthy, and there were odd things glued to the walls. Like, Styrofoam balls painted with silver glitter paint. Glued to the wall. Odd... And then there was the puke. Yes. It looked like a little girl had gotten sick all over her shoes while they were moving and they had just left it there. How do I know it was a little girl who therew up on her shoes? The shoes were there too... covered in vomit that was 3 months old. *shudder* So gross! So the first thing we did was figure out how much it would be to re-carpet the ENTIRE house, and put a bid in on the house, sans the carpet pricing. If it goes through, great... if not, it wasn't meant to be... but wow. It was a stunning house someone had mistreated so badly. I would be happy to bring some good energy into that space.

Our house is out there. Whether it is this one or not is yet to be seen, but I know our house is out there.


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