Monday, April 6, 2009

My best friend ~ 13/52

10 reasons why Sarah is my best friend (but there are more):

#10: Seems like we have known each other forever... and we always remember each other’s stories from before we met.

#9: She laughs at my jokes. Even when they are not really funny.

#8: She would make a formidable and terrifying enemy.

#7: She'd share her last Red Vine with me. But not with just anyone.

#6: She gives great PMS and bad hair day sympathy.

#5: She gets me. Even the broken bits.

#4: She has seen me during childbirth... and didn't scream and run away.

#3: We inspire each other.

#2: She can roll her eyes at me and I know what she really means.

#1: Our silent moments are easy ones.

Love you, my sister!


Chell said...

WHat a fun picture of the two of you. How great you have such a wonderful friend.

A Bugz,Bean,&Baby said...

OH! I love that picture! You both are wonderful.

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