Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My *terrible* but thrifty day

Yesterday was horrible. Started out with a wicked headache and ended with Alex puking all over his bedroom and continuing on until 3am, and there were cranky toddlers, flat tires, lost kittens, skinned knees, and extra shifts for Don in between. It was just flat out a horrible day.

After I got the sick kiddo into bed and the others settled back down (They were nervous for Alex. The poor kid really heaves.) I decided that I was going to finish the 52 napkins I cut out the other day to bring some sort of peace to the day. It took me a couple hours, but it was so satisfying after such an awful day. These are small napkins (8X10inches) with the edges just turned and zigzagged around. I got the idea from my friend Kristan, who has had a basket of these tiny napkins in the middle of her table for as long as I have known her. They are so convenient! Just grab and go... and they are easy to fold too. So I went and bought a sheet I liked at Goodwill, washed it and turned it into this set of beautiful napkins for my kitchen table. I think I got the Ralph Lauren top sheet for $3.99. Not bad for an entire set of 52 napkins! (There is still enough fabric to make 8 big ones if I don't like the little ones as much as I thought I would. I swear, used top sheets are the best yardage value around.)

And a word on split pea soup. Oh the joys of split pea soup! It is fast (esp if you have a pressure cooker), costs pennies, and is oh so good!

Unless, of course, you have the flu. Poor Alex says he will never eat it again.

ETA: for those of you who emailed me for the recipe:



Sarah said...

I haven't made split pea soup in a long time...Paul and I used to live on it pre-kids...Nice napkins...I keep meaning to do a project like that...we use wash clothes right now which get awfully rough line dried and wear out fairly easily.

I hope Alex feels better. We are going on 2 weeks of some sort of flu...fevers, stomach aches, coughs, IRRITABILITY....hopefully the rest of yours stay healthy

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Alex isnt feeling well.

I've never made split pea soup before and I dont have a pressure cooker either. Is there another way?

The napkins are great! Did you cut them and sew the edges or what? Great idea.

Dina said...

hope the sickies go away soon!!

I love the napkins! Inspires me to do the same - although I don't know how to sew LOL

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

Oh my, that does sound like a terrible day! Is your headache any better?

Poor Alex! I hope he gets well soon. The napkins look fabulous.... 52 of them, I am so jealous! They look great.

Oh, and I know a solution to your finding a house problem. Move closer to me!! I admit, it is for my own selfish purposes... but still! :-)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

My headache was gone by noon thankfully, Valerie. :) Thanks for asking. The rest of the day could have been worse due to that... but I think I was just dehydrated. Today was much better. :) But I am going to hedge my bets and go to bed early tonight.

Sweet dreams all!


Quinn said...

I'm glad you are all feeling better. But not fun being sick. I'm looking up your split pea recipe. Yumm.

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