Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My web surfing break

Today has already been long and it isn't even noon. *sigh* Some days are just like that I guess. Woke up with a headache. Kids were not thrilled about homeschool (it happens). Baby is cutting two top molars and just unhappy about everything (that happens too). Don has to work this afternoon, and I have about a million things to get done with grumpy kids, and a headache.

These days happen.

BUT... thankfully there is chocolate and good tea on hand to get me through the day. And when that doesn't work, web surfing always will.

The cutest designs I have seen in a while.

Wee Gallery
Wonderful wall designs! They even have a free iron-on's that you can print out of the cute little sheep they feature in their products.

Chrissie at Flip flops and Applesauce had a great idea the other day on how to make balloon balls, and then she did this fun game with them with her girls.

There was also Muffin Tin Monday. We have participated for the last few weeks and it has become a quick family tradition. I love that Michelle posts each of the mamas who participate and have made some really fun new blog discoveries through her Monday posts. The rest of her blog, Her Cup Overfloweth, is a great read as well and there have been so many great ideas posted that I find myself spending a lot of time in her archives.

Valerie over at the Frugal Family Fun Blog has some wonderful ideas and I am really enjoying trying some of them out. I am particularly fond of her $5 Fridays. Every week she has a new idea that costs less than $5 and is guaranteed to keep your children occupied for at least an hour of your weekend. :)

And last of all, my personal links of what we have been up to. We have taken a little break from the furious house hunting. It was needed for my sanity. Lately we have really been into projects: We made fake sushi, my daughter designed and made a fairy house with her girlfriends, and we took a wonderful (and educational) trip to the grocery store. It's raining again today, but we have had some great weather and aside from the headache and toothaches of today, we are all doing really great. :)

That is all I have time for today. Toothache Logan is ready for a snuggle and a book. :)

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Be Brave, Keep Going said...

I am so flattered that you mentioned me, Val. I have enjoyed getting to know you through Muffin Tin Monday and your blog!

Hope your days are looking up!

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