Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh My Heavens! That is CUTE!

I am not really a 'stuff' person. I don't like or use gadgets (not even really in the kitchen), I don't buy the newest and greatest of things (my phone doesn't 'do' anything like hook up to the Internet or show beautiful pictures... and it is 2 months old), and I usually get what I do buy second hand or when the one I have is literally falling apart and broken. But wow... every now and again something brand new jumps out at me for no apparent reason (well, except the OWL of course) and I feel like I have to have it. Crazy, as I don't have to have much of anything beyond new doses of food and I know it... but still...

This is what I felt tonight when I came across this bottle web surfing (another thing I don't really do, but I was totally sick of house hunting) and I thought: "Heck, I absolutely, must buy this bottle. Even though I have one for each child already, and I have my own. I need it. Must have it."

So, being me, I didn't buy it. I posted about it.

But I might. I just have to think on it a bit.

My best friend has often referred to me as the 'New Hat, Old Hat' bear. If you haven't seen that book, read this and you will have a bit of a taste of shopping with me. (It is amazing that she puts up with shopping with me at all.)

Guess it would be a good idea to tell you where I saw it huh? It is EarthLust brand and one of their online retailers is Spring. I honestly love all their bottles. Don't need them... but look at these!

The only person in the house that I could justify getting a new water bottle for is Alex. His had a tragic demise after he thought that he would put it in the freezer with water in it to allow the kinks and dents to be pushed out. I told him the possibilities, like the bottom popping out and it not being able to sit right, or the top breaking... but I wasn't even prepared for the strength of frozen water:

Yes my friends, that is a HUGE rip in a stainless steal bottle. Craziness huh?



Anonymous said...

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Chell said...

Oh that poor water bottle!! Those are pretty cool!

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

I wish I hadn't seen this because those water bottles are just so stinkin' cute and now _I_ WANT one too!!!

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