Friday, April 24, 2009

Wishin' and hopin' ~ 17/52

This last two weeks has been enveloped with house hunting and a lot of wishes. This decision feels very heavy for so many reasons. Mostly, because I am a homeschooler, a homebody, and an avid gardener. So it isn't just the house, but the yard that has to catch my interest.

I keep finding perfect houses, in less than perfect yards... and perfect yards, with houses that we would have to put thousands into to make them work for us.

I feel like I am sending out seeds to the universe... hoping one takes hold.


Katie said...

I just know you will find the house/yard of your dreams! Keep the faith!

Chell said...

Hang in there the perfect house is just waitng to be found!!

Nessa said...

hoping a seed finds it's perfect spot to grow for you soon.

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