Friday, May 22, 2009

Declutter Friday ~ Storage areas

I don't know about you, but my storage areas were seriously lacking in organization or neatness in this house. Usually, about 6 months in to a house, I go through and put up hooks, baskets, buckets, buy lg storage Tupperware, etc so the spaces look decent and can be used. Well, 6 months is up, and we are moving again so I am feeling the need to get them organized and then set up organized spaces right away in the new house.

A bit on shovels and other hard to store things: I have a large 5 gl bucket that I fill with one bag of playground sand that I keep my often used garden shovels in. The sand keeps them dry and sharp, and as long as you have it up next to a wall, it is a stable way to keep your most used shovels. The other shovels, along with my apple picker, tree trimmer, rakes, hoe, and picks, all hang on the garden shed wall. I have used many different tools to make this work, but my favorite is strategically set nails strait into the studs. For this next house, however, I am planning on using one of those broom holders that fits onto the studs and holds a variety of things with only two screw holes. I will have one inside the house for brooms, wipe rags, mops and plastic bags, etc. The other will be in the shed, holding all of those things that don't go into my bucket of sand. Axes and other sharp things that could fall on you while you are working in the shed should be as securely attached to the wall as possible. In the last shed, I just simply used two nails, securely put into the studs, with the ax on it, and then wrapped a rubber band round the nails so the ax didn't move unless I wanted it to. This worked really well.

Ok, on to the declutter list (only 5 this week because two are big jobs):
  1. Garden Shed
  2. Garage storage areas
  3. Canning jars and cooking extras
  4. Party supplies
  5. Fabric and sewing machines

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