Friday, May 29, 2009

Declutter Fridays ~ Media and Miscellaneous

Media is easy to store, doesn't require much room (depending on how you store it) and you can have a LOT of it in a small amount of space... this is why I tend to be overloaded with the stuff. About two years ago I got binders for CD's and DVD's. They have been there ever since, and the cases have been in a box in the garage.... until I gave them all away yesterday. We haven't touched them since we put them out there and in my extreme declutter mode, that just seemed like two more boxes to move that we didn't need. So I took the plunge. I may regret it... but I doubt it.

This week is all about getting rid of the last bits of stuff that I didn't get to go through for the first four weeks of the challenge so it is a bit muddled and disjointed:
  1. Tapes and CD's
  2. Video games and DVD's
  3. Decorations (Regular and seasonal)
  4. Memory things (Scrapbooks, blankets, etc... mostly organize, but getting rid of some wouldn't hurt)
  5. Kids toys
  6. Furniture (Yep, even the big stuff)
  7. Laundry room stuff (cleaning supplies)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of putting all the movies in a binder but the kids would be fumbling through them constantly. Atleast in the cases, they can see the movie they want and take it. I think when we move, I want to get one of those long cabinets with glass doors to put our movies and music cd's in. :)

Chell said...

I love those cases I did that a few years ago with most of my DVD's and I keep them alphabetized for the most part. I am actually behind putting some in. I need to do that!!

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