Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ecolovies ~ Recycled crayons!

Today we had our yearly testing for homeschoolers in the state. I never make a big deal of it, because their scores really don't matter. In fact, we don't technically have to do it or turn it in at all. But I like making the school system happy... the happier they are, the less you have to deal with them. ;) Anyhow, I don't make a big deal of testing at all. In fact, between the two kids tests, we decided to make recycled crayons for Logan out of crayons I found in the garage while decluttering.

Cyan was the official peeler and breaker. With the help of a shovel (don't ask) she got all of them chopped into tiny pieces and ready to melt.

Then we set the oven to 175* and put them in it. We used tiny muffin tins I found at Goodwill for this project. We also use these for paint cups with tempera paint.

When you let these cool, they will start to pull away from the sides of the pan all by themselves. When they were completely cool I just turned the tin over and all but one fell out instantly. The other was a bit more stuck, so I stuck the tin in the freezer and it popped out in less than 20 minutes.

Logan was pretty thrilled and he and Cyan decided to color while Alex was taking his test. It was a great way to use the old crayons, and a fun activity to offset the drab testing day stuff.



Anonymous said...

Ive melted crayons but not this way! LOVE it!!!!!

Dina said...

I picked up a mini muffin tin today at Salvation Army for a $1. I have a whole bucket of broken crayons to use - I think I will use them for favors for the girls' birthdays this summer!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Beth ~ they color great too. :)

Dina ~ that is a great idea! I may have to make some 'mad hatter' crayons to go with Cyan's birthday gift bags too.

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