Monday, May 4, 2009


So, I am moving in the very near future... for the second time since Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I need to pair down everything I possibly can. A friend of mine once posted a "Extreme Declutter List" and I copied it. I have loosely used it several times since... but now I need to get extreme. I figured that I would let you guys in on what I was doing this week and see if anyone wanted to join in with me to cut the clutter out of our houses and our lives. Monday seemed like the best time to start! Each week I will post a list of my trouble spots for the week. For those of you that would like to join in, I started a flickr group for photos of our spots so we can share photos and 'whooohoo' our other declutter mamas at our success at getting the stuff organized or out of the house!

This week I am decluttering:

  1. Linens and Sheets
  2. Towels and Wash clothes
  3. Rugs and mats
  4. Current Clothes (list needs)
  5. Winter gear, Coats, and Shoes (list needs)
  6. Play silks and Dress up stuff
  7. Stuffed animals and puppets

Anyone want to join in???



Jody said...

Oh, I so need to join you in this. I pared down a lot this winter, but it's time for another round. I have mostly packed up the winter stuff, double checked what we have and need--I have a couple of coats to wash and then we need to get them into the garage rafters. I've gone through summer clothes. I need to go through Molly's clothes again because she just had a growth spurt.

Maybe I'll post my list on my blog.
:) Thanks for the push. I need all the inspiration I can get...

Katie said...

Val, I am in!

SO are you getting rid of the playsilks? Email me if you want me to take them off your hands :)

Chell said...

Hey in answer to your question on my post I think weekly challenges are good. Especially for people with a schedule like mine where weekends are the only time I can get anything done. Once I get throug graduation weekend I plan to take a look at your lists and pick at least 1 thing each week to tackle. I actualy went through all my purses/bags yesterday and got rid of about 30% of them, yea I should have probably gotten rid of more but baby steps right?

Next up will be the linen closet...scary stuff..

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