Saturday, May 23, 2009

New critters

Last night I woke to the strangest noise about 3 am. It was awful... it sounded like a wounded animal, but also a bit like a baby crying. I went outside (after checking through the curtains to make sure no one was anywhere around) and all I saw was a cat. As he walked away, I saw that he must have gotten in a nasty fight with something... and today we found this mama in our tree. I am SURE this time of year she has little ones up there...... and I bet you the cat got a bit too curious.

Big stretch!

And today at the park we saw this sweet little bird. It is a type of barn swallow, but I kept waiting to see the classic swallow tail. We saw males, and females, and juveniles... no swallow tail. If they weren't living in barn nests like below I wouldn't have believed they were swallows at all.

Isn't he cute?


1 comment

Dawn said...

Oh, what a great bird nest. We're studying birds right now. I just love them.

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