Friday, May 15, 2009


It never fails, the summer weather hits and all the kids decide to grow out of their pants and shoes. And usually it is VERY spendy. But yesterday I went to Once Upon a Child to find Alex some pants and I found two pairs of Levi 28X28's for $8 a peice!! Then I found a pair of shorts for him as well. Logan got two pairs of pants and three shirts, two pair capris and one pair of jeans for Cyan (Old Navy, same pairs she always gets), a beautiful green GAP hoodie for Cyan, and the score of all scores, BRAND NEW Nike Airs for Cyan for $8.50! Total for all of this was $71.34. SCORE!

Then today I was taking a donation to Goodwill and the kids asked if we could stop in... and I found this sweet little light fixture in my favorite color of red:

Arn't those details sweet? We plugged it in as soon as we got home and it works fine. Just needs light bulbs and little bulb covers for the three night light bulbs.

And my last score for this week:

There are three of these. One is bread, one is salad, and one is fruit. They are tiny, like 5X7 frames. And they were each $.99 a piece. I think I am going to put them over the kids kitchen set in our new kitchen. And to do that, of course, they have to match:

A can of spray paint for $4 and I have a beautiful little decoration for the new kitchen.

And on the news of the new house, there are two things they need to fix, but other than that, the inspection passed with flying colors! So it looks like we will be moving come June 5th. *Glee* We called and gave notice yesterday. SO excited!!!



Chell said...

WOW you really did score. that is great

Dina said...

great finds, Val! I love those kinds of deals!!

p.s. I also have an affinity for red - once it is all done, I will send you a picture of the arts & crafts corner I am setting up for the girls.

another p.s. congrats on the house - I am excited for you. pictures soon?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks you guys! I am SO excited!

I would love for you to send me a link to your arts and crafts area pictures!! I get so much inspiration from other mamas and what they have worked out.


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