Saturday, June 20, 2009

23/52 ~ Working Mom

Every day I am grateful for my body. Every day I am amazed at what I can do, at what I can think up, and at what I can actually create.

I first started working wood when I was 19 and trying to make toys for my one year old of out pieces of wood from my dads wood pile because I was trying to put myself through college and couldn't always give him new things. Now I feel very glad for that push into the thrifty. My toys have gotten more and more sophisticated but most of them are still out of salvaged or scrap wood. It feels good to my soul to be able to take something that was considered fodder for the fire and make it into something that people exclaim about when they walk through my house. It is a gift, and I know it.

This picture for me, embodies being a 'working' mom. Toddler putting things in his mouth that don't belong there while I am working the a possibly dangerous tool right next to him trying to keep it all balanced so no one gets hurt and still get things done. I don't work outside of the home half the year and even when I do it is only on the weekends. I consider myself a stay at home mom... But I get all up in arms when people say things like "Oh, so you're just a stay at home mom then?" It makes me so angry I could spit. Since when did the greatest profession in the world become a "just"??? No. I am not 'just' a stay at home mom. On any given day I am a short order cook, nurse, tax collector, construction engineer, land scape architect, 7th grade teacher, 2nd grade teacher, preschool teacher, house cleaner, tour guide, dispute resolution specialist, creative genius, professional swing pusher, and photographer of mundane things.

I can think of much easier things to do for a living...

(I was working on the tree coat rack. :) )



Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I love this post, and I have a MAJOR pet-peeve when I hear that phrase "just a stay at home mom" too. Bleechhh! The tree coat rack is fabulous, and I'm so inspired to do something similar in the girls' bedroom. Workin' mama, you go girl!! :-)

Nessa said...

I have to say that what all you is a precious gift for your family and children. I dream of the day when I too can stay home verses spending my days in a cubicle nightmare. You are a hard worker. It's not easy to be home and tend to family, home, emotions and schooling.

By the way. I don't find your pictures mundane at all. They are a great expression of who you are.


Sarah said...

Major pet peeve of mine too. It's that just word people like to throw in there. Gets on my nerves...sort of like when I have to check the word 'homemaker' for my occupation on things.....that's not what I am!

Karin said...

Love this post! (And want to see the tree coat rack you're working on! Is it like the one featured on oh-dee-doh recently?)

Yes, oh yes, the list of things we do in a day! Sadly, my "dispute resolution specialist" skills have been put to the test these last few days and I clearly need some more training. Guess I need to go talk to the R&D department... oh wait, that's us too. : )

Karin said...

Oops, should have read down one more post! Nice coat rack!!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hi Karin! Really nice to meet you!

Yes, the coat rack was featured on Oh de doh! Wow... we must read the same blogs! LOL! I just loved it, but I have to admit to liking mine better. ;)

My biggest skill that I am working on as a mom right now is not adding to the chaos. It is easy for me to yell when the kids are yelling, or shout out when the kids are doing something dumb... and that is like, the worst possible thing to do. So I think I need some R&R today (a nap with Logan maybe?) and try again after a coffee break. *sigh... Yes, I can think of much easier jobs. Like ones you can call in sick (or PMS). ;)


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sadie: I always wonder who the 'homemaker' title is for? In my snarky mind I want to say 'those that build homes' and then that would make them construction workers. lol...

Nessa: Thanks for the comment on my pictures. I sometimes feel like with the 52 project I am posting a whole lot of boring pics of myself. It is nice to hear it doesn't bug anyone else. :)

Valerie: You'd be surprised at how easy it was! The hardest was finding a way to get it all to stay on the wall without a million zillion little holes!

Frannie said...

AMEN SISTA! I've never had a harder job before in my life, and I've had a few! Also, it makes me feel better about myself seeing you balance a saw, wood, and toddler all in one harmonious activity w/o injury. Seriously, this is why stay-at-home moms should be getting the big bucks. Look at the skill, balance & precision we possess.

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