Tuesday, June 30, 2009

25/52 ~ Flower girl

I have never grown flowers. I always thought that if you have enough sun for roses, you have enough for something that you can eat. And I was always ok with that.

This year, I bought a house with pretty much nothing but flower beds. It has a veggie garden, but even that is lined with roses and bluebells, the apple is right next to flowering bushes.

I love it. I don't just love it, I can't believe I ever lived without growing flowers! I go out and touch them, smell them, pick them every single day. I make bouquets for the table about twice a week and change them out as the flowers fade. I can't believe that I never felt the lack of flowers.

When we got the walk through from the previous owners, Betty and Don, they kept telling me about the flowers and how they bloom all year long... One thing after another, it blooms until it freezes, and when it stops freezing, it starts blooming again. And I kept thinking "Wow, pretty... I bet I could plant an apple tree there." lol... Those seasonal things are ingrained in me for food. Strawberries for Don's birthday, Blueberries for Alex's, planting peas on Memorial Day and harvesting Garlic on the 4th of July... these dates are in my head and my body craves the foods I love for the season we are in. But now I can't wait to live years in this house... to know things like when the Yellow Chain Tree blooms, when the Roses start, and when the Lavender is ripe for harvest.

Who ever thought that I would be a flower girl?


sarah in the woods said...

So glad your life has been so enriched with beauty. Enjoy!

Jenny said...

Oh wow! I'm jealous of all that lavender! I always tend to think veggies first until we got our bees. This year is the first that I planted flowers. Can't wait to see more of yours...

Dawn D. Lion said...

Beautiful post! There is something so rewarding about growing flowers!

Jody said...

Very cool! It's so much fun, too, to get to see what blooms when you move in somewhere new. It took a couple springs for me to keep DH from weed-whacking the poppies every spring because he thought they were some huge nettle, LOL! Look at all that glorious lavender!

kimberlee said...

I love our flowers.

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