Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's clean!

I finished setting up the homeschool room today. I posted about it on the homeschool blog, but I just can't help sending you all on over there to see it. :) I love it. Really really love it. Am excited to start school in this beautiful space and have considered calling off summer vacation just so we can have some educational fun right here and now! lol...



Samurai Mom said...

very cool. I am taking the piano out of our homeschool room and putting in a couch in the hopes that we will USE the room instead of just putting junk in it.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

ooooh, it is FABULOUS!!!! i LoVe that color green! i just painted my living and dining room a similar shade :) glad you are all moved in!


Katie said...

More pics!!!

Shari said...

It gives me pleasure to see how organized you are. Life is too short to be cleaning up messes that can be prevented with a little organization. Love it!

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