Monday, June 1, 2009

So much better...

Lets list the reasons why I am feeling better today:

  • Your guys comments were so sweet about how great of buyers we are... but let me tell you... we have sellers to match! The people who are selling the house are wonderful! Cute little older couple with talkative personalities. They were so darned cute! I loved chatting with them about all the stuff in the yard and garden. I also loved hearing about how they took care of the house. They were really on top of it. I hope we can follow in their footsteps. They even looked at the list that the inspector gave us and had everything they could fix off of it fixed. Without us even asking. The roof had a couple of nail pop-up's (which happens) and they had the guy out to fix that because the roof is still under warranty for them. (Something we were planning on doing when we moved in ourselves.) The A/C had dust in it and a couple pits in the connectors, and he had all the connectors replaced and had it cleaned. Just such wonderful stewardship. They said: "Well hun, we got the house in great condition and we figured you guys deserved that too." Isn't that totally sweet???

  • Bo is doing way better. Hasn't had an accident all day, and we have been making sure she has space and isn't up in trees. She did fall about 6 ft the other day out of a tree... I think that is what hurt her. But she seems to be energetic and doing fine today. We will keep up with the meds, but it seems she is really on the mend.

  • The house is about half packed. There are things that we can't pack away because we are still using them... like our kitchen. I would really love not to have to eat out every meal during the week, but that does mean that we have some serious stuff that we can't pack away yet, and it is bugging me. So I am trying to leave nothing but the daily use stuff out.

  • I had a great nap today. I fell asleep after talking with the sellers for two hours... And I slept better than I have in days. I had no idea how scared I was that they were not going to be out of the house by the weekend, or that they were going to leave it with stuff everywhere, or something else I couldn't even name. They were wonderful and it put a real peace on this whole process. I hope I gave them that as well, talking with them about their place and hearing all the stories about her rose bushes and how she got this one when she retired from teaching, etc. It was just all around a great day!

  • One bad though. It doesn't look like we will be able to buy the appliances with out credit quite yet. But we are over half way there... so I am still hopeful that the things they have will work for at least a few weeks to see if we can get the new ones later... but we may have to just bite the bullet and hope we have enough self control to pay it off in a couple months. I feel confident that if we are careful we can do it.


Sarah said...

I'm glad things are going a bit less stressful today.... I hope they continue to improve. Good luck on the move!

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that you are less stressed!!!

Way to go to be that close on buying the appliances with cash!! Being careful and on guard til it is paid off is the only way to go. I have to be in prayer constantly in those situations.

Nessa said...

I am glad things are working out so well for you with the new house. I can't wait to see pictures! Sounds like it has some character to it. It's wonderful that the sellers are being nice and helpful too.

Hope you find some good deals on the appliances! Now that you will have your own home, you can now move in, make it your own and know it's yours!


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