Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anyone wondering where everything went?

The pictures on the left hand sidebar are links. :) Fun ones too... as the first one is my homeschool blog, which is usually filled with all sorts of fun stuff the kids have done and that are geared to 'educate'... but most of the time the kids don't even know I am 'educating' them... so they have to be pretty fun. ;)

The next one is my Local Living tab. It has all my local living adventures, things I discover about my area and wild foods, and sometimes even helpful tips to get people started. It is guaranteed to be good reading for those wanting to live a more local lifestyle.

The third picture link down is my Ecolovies crafts. I am picky about recycled crafts. Well, I am picky about crafts in general. They have to be functional and if they are going to be made of garbage they cannot LOOK as though they were made of garbage. So each of my crafts is hand picked to be classy, easy, super cheap, and they have to be really functional or pretty darn cute.

The last picture is a link to my garden posts. Those of you who have met me over the last year have not really seen how much of an central part of my life my garden is. This is going to come back now that we have bought a house. It is a huge part of my existence, and if you go back to the very start of this blog, the garden posts are really the only ones that are there. It is why the blog was started.

This is a no add blog. I don't want to make money off of this blog... it is for fun only. I want the whole thing to be stress free for me and for as many other people as possible. I try very hard to keep all my links up to date and easy to follow. I want you to be able to find what you want to find on here... I want you to be able to look up the links that I love, and love them too... that is my goal of this blog. If any ideas that you have would make it easier to understand or to follow along with something I am doing that you want to know about, please ask questions. My goal is to give (and get!) ideas for a fun, crafty, and ecofriendly life.



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Dina said...

*love* the new layout and as always, the content :)


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